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Travelling in Mexico January-June 2017

Who is Bevan Bird?

He is your Soul Purpose Business Mentor.

He helps people align their business to their soulís purpose so they can feel amazing about what they do for money!

Entrepreneur. Visionary. Leader. Teacher. Yogi. Conscious Thinker.

He created PositionOnPurpose.com

You will be paid for your position in the marketplace.

Why not position yourself based on who you really are so that you can feel amazing about what you do every single day and bounce out of bed with a spring in your step?

What do you stand for?

Here Are Some Resources To Help You Choose and Define your Definite Major Purpose, Position Yourself Accordingly and Begin to Build, Promote And Grow Your Enterprise Based on Who You Are at a Soul level.

A step-by-step guide to help you Start Your Soulful Business...

On June 7, 2017 I worked with Stephanie who is known as Raw Steph on early strategic thinking about her expert presence business. Some very important mindset shifts occurred during the discussion. Worthwhile to listen if you have any doubt whatsoever about your ability to earn a full time income doing something you are passionate about. You'll get some ideas of practical steps you can take to do something about it!

Right Livelihood - How to Make Your Living, In Alignment with Your Soul's Highest Values

I will include the second part of that session here so you can get to know me better. Stephanie wanted to connect, and I hadn't talked about myself, we had only focused on her in the first session. Here I answer a few questions about my own healing path.

Path of Purpose - About Bevan Bird's Story - How He Became So Free!

Connecting With Your Inner Vision and Purpose Inspires Your Whole Life!

The First Steps To Success...

A Powerful 3 hour step by step training:

Monetize From Scratch Faster - Lesson 1 Part 2 - How to Start Selling Your Wisdom, Knowledge, or Experience

How You Can Build A Simple Online Teaching Business

  • The only four components you need for a successful online business.
  • The daily & weekly schedules to make it happen!

A resource page ($5000 value and growing)



Bevan Bird, Founder of PositionOnPurpose.com

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