Connect With a Higher Financial Vibration, While Aligning With Who You Really Are

"Thank you for sharing your gift with me! My gift is to uplift. I want to end the silent suffering of humanity's healers who struggle financially. Would you like to connect with a higher financial vibration, while aligning with who you really are?" - Bevan

"On Sunday, I started teaching How To Monetize From Scratch Faster. These are all the steps that you need. I've removed the fluff in the process. And I teach it in common language, not marketing speak. I hope this helps you!" - Bevan

But first, I'll share a story with you about how I discovered that...

Connecting With Your Inner Vision and Purpose Inspires Your Whole Life!

A Powerful 3 hour step by step training:

Monetize From Scratch Faster - Lesson 1 Part 2 - How to Start Selling Your Wisdom, Knowledge, or Experience

How You Can Build A Simple Online Training Business

  • The only four components you need for a successful online business.
  • The daily, weekly schedule to make it happen!

Here's my Financial Transformation Story:

How I Went From Hopelessly In Debt To Living a Lifestyle I Don't Need To Take a Vacation From

Move Your Body Differently and Shift Your Vibration - Twist Your Body as You Walk

One way to live your greatest, most inspired life is to stop judging yourself and learn to accept and love yourself unconditionally.

This new meditation can help you do just that.

Using it can also help you make the difference you are called to make, lead your movement and build your business.

Accept And Love Your Inner Child Meditation (20 min)

It's so important, I recommend you use it nightly!

Meditation Credit: Allan Hardman
Email: donallan [at]
Websites: and

How to Get Out of Debt and Completely Transform Your Financial Reality

To assist you in visualizing a peaceful place in nature and being peaceful and abundant. Relax!

Beautiful Natural Sunrise Video Playlist

Step by step how to build a business, each step starts with a *

How To Build A World-Class Brand From Scratch [Mini Course]


How to Live Your Greatest, Most Inspired Life! (Live With Soul)

Step 1: Connect With Your Higher Self

Give Yourself Space To Know Your Self And Connect With Your Higher Self (Live With Soul E0003)

Step 2: Choose a Problem You are Very, Very Passionate About Solving - Make Your Purpose Clear

How To Define Your Clear Purpose For Starting a Business or a Movement (Live With Soul E0005)

Step 3: Make Your Vision Clear

How to Craft Your Powerful Vision Statement For This Year and Focus On Implementing it Daily

Step 4: Find People Who Want Your Help

Engagement - Attract More Aligned Tribe Members, Grow Your Movement and Attract Customers

Step 5... More Steps are coming.

I teach one lesson per week. You can sign up for free to get invited to these trainings and Q&A sessions by clicking here. All the necessary steps are in the training, given at the top of the page that you are look at now:"Monetize From Scratch Faster - Lesson 1 Part 2 - How to Start Selling Your Wisdom, Knowledge, or Experience"

Here's a playlist of video trainings I have prepared for you so far:

How to Live Your Greatest, Most Inspired Life! Live With Soul and Enjoy The Benefits of Right Livelihood

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